hidden notes

Your notes be many; 
A beauty seizing my mind.
Your echos, mysterious. 
Seen through dim windows probing my soul 
Graciously moving, like sacraments, unorthodox;
Lyrically - your portals - uncommon and majestic 
Prepare the measure of all things. 
Unfolding deftly, eloquently.
Footnotes, marked in quietude
At times drab, often bold, sometimes carefree.
Chosen. Persistently. Each time. For me.
That my sight be not unseeing,
Invisible, disillusioned;
But embarking upon a voyage of 
Oh that the eyes of my heart would search:
From the grand, even-footed, 
Uncluttered spaces, 
Into the steep-sided, narrow chasms below. 
There, I behold the reflection of knowing 
And being known.
Once separated, now connected.
Once hidden, now revealed.
A medley: fierce yet tender, passionate, and kind.
As leaves draping from vines
Whose echo, now uncomplicated.
 Anoint my song.

© Liza K Christian

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