Fluted Dogwood

Spring's first blush emerges...
from bent and twisted stems to greet the Earth.

Come sit awhile...

Bandon Beach Rocks


Chambers of the Heart

revealed in the hands...

Open Palms
- yielded - approachable - receptive - responsive - trusting - affectionate - generous - quietly confident

Tight Fists
- resistant - devious - secretive - narrow - faithless - greedy - selfish - hidden fears

Avenue of the Boulders

a trail of quiet repose
lilting streaks of light sift
between mossy trees
along the avenue of boulders

I look into your yellow tubes,
The brightness of their being...
The garden sweet, captivates me.
The air - softened spice;
Rhapsodic ambrosia.

Leafy Waifs and Timbers Tall


Three Doors

Despised ~ robbed of hope; deadened by selfishness.
Loved ~ softened through tenderness; ignited by passion.
Released ~ filled with hope; abandoned to goodness.

Wispy Shadows