I Stand Alone

Sometimes - like this singular tree set apart in the forest - our inclination is to stand alone. Possibly we need time to step away from the crowd and the madness of life. ...time to slow down... time to listen to our inner self, and commune in Spirit, and time to simply, breathe-in quietness and peace.

At other times, we may separate out of pain and woundedness. Yet, brokenness, disconnectedness, and detachment can interrupt healing. This is why divorce is so devastating. Healing comes through relationship not apart from it.

Community, unity, reconciliation, and humility is the atmosphere in which we find wholeness - where we step into rugged, uncomfortable territory and reclaim what went missing... release judgments... find forgiveness... restore what was fragmented... and ultimately, renew our lives through fresh vision and thanksgiving.


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Thank GOD for healing that comes through relationship.