Life: A Kaleidoscopic Mosaic

The ribbons and patterns of relationships form an intricate mosaic that we, in our humanity, are inadequate to controvert.

We find ourselves shaped and molded by piercing revelations steeped in everyday encounters. Such penetrating stirrings may arouse the galleries of ambrosial longing - or, they may pummel our hearts into a naked millpond where we lay frozen in bewilderment.

In either place, we must contemplate and mine the hidden treasures that bid our soul. We must not hasten either cry: neither trumpet nor lament; neither emote in regret nor languish in sorrow. Rather, understand each offering... embrace each interaction... as a compliment to the underpinnings of our destiny.

It may be - as we gaze reflectively, metered through life's delicate rhythms - that there... deliciously entwined by a mysterious kaleidoscope of expression, that we unclothe the irresistible choreography and spellbinding intrigue of hope. ...there, where we abandon ourselves to the crescendos, dicrescendos, and the ambiguated complexities of intimacy.

Gawkishly, we may find ourselves unconstrained - except by the reverberations of love. Or, conversely, we may be swept into the wretched sadness of pain or despair. Nonetheless, and most assuredly, we must never view ourselves as impoverished, only sustained... in humility, remarkably anchored to the never-ending, uninterrupted pulses of generosity and kindness.

In this pause, as unfettered silence tethers us to grace; mysteries are unlocked... wonderment is unveiled. There... in stillness, we unbend (yet again), as the hushed notes of friendship and peace populate our soul.

"Every experience God gives us, every person He puts in our path, is the perfect preparation for a future only He can see." Corrie ten Boom Read about this Heroine of Faith


Leafy Waifs Drift in the Serpentine

Another gorgeous piece of eye candy from Bill Miller of Miller Canoes - shot on eastern Canada's Serpentine River.

Nictau Ice

Streaks of blue light penetrate sheets of ice in Nictau, New Brunswick, Canada's minus 30 degree weather. Shot by my camera-toting friend, Bill - a third-generation canoe builder and founder of the world-famous "Fiddlers on the Tobique."
(Image artistically modified in Photoshop-CS3 by Fade to Black.)

Learn more about Bill here:


Dead or Alive?

DOA: An acronym most often used in hospital emergency rooms meaning: "dead on arrival."

Death: finality?
We are birthed in death.

Is such a statement conflict or truth?
A conundrum? A paradox?

We live to die and die to live.

The Dead Sea has an inlet but no outlet. Nothing lives in the Dead Sea. Despite the tributary that flows into it, every year a little more of it evaporates.

To produce life, passageways must be both nurtured and released.
As with us; we must both possess and lavish that which cascades into us onto another.
We must give. We must receive.

Are you? Do you? Will you?

If so...
Dead on arrival might actually be something to embrace, after all... .