Gird up against Offense (Greek: Aproskopos)

We've all experienced it: OFFENSE. The Greek word is "aproskopos" which rather sounds like an offense to my hearing ear.

Mostly, offense charges in unannounced - ofttimes when we least expect it. Other times, we may anticipate it, but we're still caught off guard. In our shock, we strike an offensive blow because we're unprepared. Instead of adding toxicity, we could - with a measure of training - execute a defense tactic and safeguard our hearts.

In "The Good Book," I discovered a few instructions about offense. It says we're to be on the lookout for it - like a sentry - not just "react" to it like some slug, caught unawares.

When it comes - and it will - we are to take assertive action to ward off, deflect, divert, turn away, the gnarly impact of offense instead of becoming prey to more misdeeds.

By following a few simple steps (I didn't say easy), we can both avoid our own indignation and outbursts, and keep these displeasurable wounds and annoyances from ever finding a place to roost in our minds. The mind - that's where the battle is anyway, because nothing positive comes from offending the offender. That just mucks up the situation even further. Sludge creates more sludge.

When it comes to putting the plow toward purposeful purity, here are some powerful pointers:

Gird (encircle, strengthen, bolster, brace, fortify, reinforce) up the loins (generative power) of your mind, being sober (calm, collected in spirit, temperate, dispassionate, circumspect, watchful) with hope (fully trusting with joy and full confidence), to the end.

Stir up (arouse, render active) your pure mind (soul and spirit by way of thinking/feeling, desiring, discerning, understanding, reflective thought by possessing the mind Christ) having been reminded to approve (test, examine, prove, deem worthy) things that are excellent (distinguishing between good and evil, approving things that excel and surpass (go up higher); to proclaim. bear, carry out and through any place and in different directions and manners as you drive, impel, and urge on) – the surpassing excellence of Christ, that you may be found sincere (authentic, unblemished, unspoiled, above suspicion) when unfolded and examined by light) and without offence (nothing to strike against nor cause to stumble; blameless, not troubled by consciousness of sin), right up until the end.

Sounds like some good advice to me. Think I'll go tool up right now!

1 Peter 1:13, 2: 15; 2 Peter 3:1; Phil 1:10; Romans 2: 18-19, 14:13; Matthew 5:16, 13:41-43; James 1:5; Proverbs 2:1-9

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The Hebrew word for much is "rob" meaning: abundant, abundance in any respect, excellent, great (ly, ness, number), huge, be increased, many more in number, most, multitude, plenty(-iful), and very (age).

In the English Roget's Thesaurus, abundant synonyms are: abounding, ample, copious, crawling over with, exuberant, filled, generous, lavish, profuse, sufficient, teeming, extensive, lavish, substantial, unrestricted, fertile, fruitful, spacious, no end.

Decree and delare over yourself, that the irresistible, all-sufficient "GOD of MUCH" potentize, vitalize, and invigorate your life by the Spirit - for you are an adored, cherished, and effectual fruit bearer in the Kingdom.

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In this sphere and beyond, there exist persistent, relentless, timeless, unfailing, and unchanging patterns. They are the markings of wisdom and understanding.

They carve out the unnecessary, inconsequential, superfluous, and expendable.

They etch in the discriminating, significant, vital, and strategic.

May you experience them ~ allow them to be pressed, poured into, and made plain along your pathways for purpose and promise.

I'm seeking mine out! They are discoverable.

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Streams of Signifigance

Because we long to be valued and accepted, many of us look to others for affirmation and approval.

Flattery is a dry gulch. It may allure, but it is impotent. You cannot plumb it's depth to receive nourishment or be replenished.

Man may stir your passions. Man may help you paddle the streams you navigate, but no man can tap into the deep waters of significance except the one who creates the waterways.

We may sit on pleasant banks of plaudits, prestige, and prominence, spawning on feel good ladders of pedigree and power, but these are shallow pools.

Ultimately, our thirst, relevance, and contentment is only supplied by and satisfied through the stream itself - secured by the anchor upon whose waters we are shaped.

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An Extraordinary Pot

I was and am being made - wonderfully, creatively, with extraordinary magnificence by a resplendent potter.

A part of me affirms and agrees with this. However, I live in a world gone berserk, and because I make some crazy-bad choices, I have become broken and imperfect - shattered like fine pottery.

Working in the dark undercurrents of the culture around me... and within the recesses of my thought life, there is a monstrously wicked influence that purposes to destroy me and bring me to ruin. I forget that this larger-than-life creature, with a booming voice, is merely a mouse with a megaphone. Sometimes others forget this as well. In those moments, I am forgotten, like one who is dead: a broken vessel.

Thankfully, there is an even larger, larger-than-life entity that has not handed me over to this enemy. That one sets my feet in places of freedom... restores me in my grief and failing strength. Although I am seen as a reproach, I am rescued, delivered into places of refuge.

A flawless, unblemished, heavenly razzle-dazzle template is placed over every one of my enterprises, interests, missions, tasks, and transactions. This undertaking is marked by grace, crowned by mercy, and sealed by loving kindness. This is evidence that there is one who does not forsake the works of his own hand.

I am the workmanship of this one, called the Potter, who places a hand on my lump of clay. Long ago, the potter prepared amazing things that stretch before me. The Potter also placed within me, a desire to walk in the places that please and bring honor. The Potter began a good work in me and promises to complete it - right up until the fulness of time. Together, with my cooperation, the Potter is restoring, transforming, renewing and I am discerning what is good, acceptable and perfect.

(Psalm 139:14; Jeremiah 25:34; Psalm 31; 1 Peter 5:8; Psalm 138.8; Ephesians 2:10-11; Philippians 2:13, 1:6; Romans 12)

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Triumph: "Umph" Added To Try.

Triumph: a good dose of "umph" added to try.

Whether you're little or whether you're big, sometimes it's that last step - the one that almost seems too difficult to take - that's the one that holds you back. You're tired. You're tired of trying.

Friends, advisers, even strangers might observe your struggle... get out their pom poms and in their best ''rah-rah'' voice, say:
"Hey, just stay in the game, you can do it... c'mon, don't stop, charge ahead."

Others, a sigh sandwiched between impatience and irritation, might yell in exasperation: "Oh my gosh... look how far you've come. Don't quit now!!"

Or, you may hear a nagging inner voice mocking: "See, I knew you'd never make it, you loser!"

Ignore all such voices. Be true to you... your strategies... your goal... . Grab yourself some more umph.

Remember how you started out? Remember that first step? It looked so big - so unconquerable. But you took it. Keep on that path of assent - the one that moves you toward... forward... onward.

Rock steady. Stay on course. Keep looking up. Persevere. You're closer than you think.

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Wait for Strength?

Do you live in an upside down kingdom? The one where things seem outside in instead of inside out? The one seemingly full of paradox?

In our attempt for understanding, instead of believing with the "eyes of faith," we often attempt to tangle the uncomplicated. We make simple truths pretentious.

Starting from our first words, we ask big questions. We seem borne with a "?" mark - like a cartoon caption hovering over our heads. Simple curiosity? Eager to learn?

From "Why, Daddy?" to "Who made the..., Mommy?" fill the ears of our parents and grandparents.

In our humanity, we seem unable to grasp statements that seem to be true. We challenge. Are unaccepting. The answers are... well, just too simple. This point is never more adequately demonstrated than we who question the authenticity, veracity... the authority, and sureness of words from the Truth Giver.

"Well," we say, who were these scribes "inspired by God," who penned the holy writ? "Or," we submit, "The Bible has been messed up - translators have failed to correctly grasp the original intent, or they improperly translated the Hebrew or the Greek."

On and on it goes. Is this willful stubbornness, curiosity, or, something else?

When we sit down for a lovely meal - whether the table setting is gorgeous, the atmosphere idyllic, our dining partner charming, it is our taste buds that grade the better part of our culinary experience. Perhaps this is why in Psalm 34:8 we are encouraged to "taste and see that the LORD is good; and discover that those who trust in and take refuge in him are blessed."

We must chew on these morsels of truth. Masticate them well. Get our digestive juices involved. Absorb the good nutrients.

If we take sustenance from Isaiah 40:31, a passage that instructs us to "wait upon the Lord, where in waiting, we will renew our strength... mount up with wings like Eagles... run and not be weary... walk and not faint," we may be perplexed by the "waiting" part.

In waiting, a change is promised. A substitute for weakness and weariness is to take place. A change for the better. Renewal. Moreover, it is to come quickly.

Wait is an interesting word. In this passage, "waiting" is active not passive. "Waiting upon" is - attending, with expectation. Just as you might be in at your table in a fine dining establishment. You wait... you are attended by... you have expectation of the meal that is to be set before you. In respect to this passage, it is we who "attend" the LORD - wait with expectation.

While waiting does involve a pause, or moments of lingering - it is for reflection that something else is about to occur.

The Hebrew word is "qavah" and also means to collect, bind together in order to be strong, robust - a binding applied to strength because your hope is fixed on the only one who can deliver this promise.

Next time you find yourself in what you think is a waiting period, don't look further than the simplicity this passage speaks to your heart. Don't weep and mourn or think God has put you in the dog house and that you must don your sack cloth and ashes and tell the whole world of your awful predicament as if God has you in a vice grip. No; the opposite is true.

Perhaps you remember when King David gave his soul a little pep talk saying, "Why are you cast down, my inner self? And why should you moan over me and be disquieted within me? Hope in God and wait expectantly for Him, for I shall yet praise Him, Who is the help of my [sad] countenance, and my God. ~ Psalm 43: 5

Ephesians 6 instructs us to get our armor on - get in the fray, not wallow on our beds.

Sit up and take notice of what the Spirit of God says to your heart... to your mind... to your spirit. Wait, expectantly, courageously, hopefully.


Psalm 23:5, Psalm 31: 24, Psalm 39:7, Lamentations 3: 24, Romans 8:25

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