A Tale of Two Cities: A Calendar Speaks

Like Echoes:

At first, a whisper - then a thunderous sound;
It seems to me, I'm breaking new ground.

Absorbed in my doings, new ventures unfold.
Destiny awaits, fresh chapters will be told.

Like Fireflies:

Illuminating a heart, that once, was weary;
Harboring days - some quite dreary

Weights that were searing,
Seem now, to be steering.

What fabric was woven into those connections?
What structures formed, merging reflections?

Like Dandelions:

While seeds may have blown, revived ones will be sown.

Steady, anchored, my face tipped toward the sun
The wind in my path, new pastures: how fun!

Further ground to plow, things God will allow.
Skyscrapers no more -- the desert, my floor.

Like Moving:

The journey ongoing, I'm ready for more;
In fact... I'm so close, that I'm about out the door.

Ride on, I say. Ride on.

© Silent Mornings