The Quiet Places

There's a space inside each of us - a place we inhabit separately, autonomously, from the world around us. This place is unconstrained from the influence, pressures, and resulting fissures created through activity, media, friends, and loved ones. This solitary place - this untilled moor - whose tracks, while rich, may lay barren - yet uninhabited by boundless treasure. This is where the Spirit whispers to the deep places of our inner being. This place is where new light dances freely on the crest of our soul. It's vitality flows from the headwaters... pools on the outer banks... and probes the deep places, transforming our souls. This place is where revelation innocently yet powerfully invades us. In this place we are awakened, refreshed, and renewed. We travel to places of wholeness we can never find in the frenetic distractions of a world disquieted by busyness. If we abandon and surrender - fully yielded to it's bouquet - permitting its scent be spilt as a balm, our capacity for more resplendent moments will begin to envelop us. We will be heartened. We will be en-couraged. Saturated by peace, we will luxuriate in this pause. We will be released to hope and to faith. As we are painted peace in these quiet places, we will be restored, and love will be our sanctuary.

Photo Attribution: MNC - my precious daughter