Beliefs, essence, heart.
Connection, bonding, affinity. Three-fold cords unbroken.

Stones in the wilderness. Ethos' collide. Scourging.
A tree on a hill. Last breaths.
Love hangs there.


Tapestries tear ~ seen and unseen.
Lightening rips the cosmos. Shaking.


Synthesis emerges.
A hush falls to earth.
Fragments, fractures, brokenness ~ washed by pooling crimson stains.
The Ancient of Days spills redemption for all. Triumph.

Destiny. INRI.


Moon, Sun, Earth. Gravity.
Rise and fall, ebb and flow.
Like life:
External and internal forces
Imprint the spirit, stir the soul.
Mobilize forward then backward.
Fresh momentum.
Storms. Navigation. Change.
Forward again.

Woodland Veils

The dawning of the day. I sit in stillness, listening. The soft pooling of the rain forest's sounds echo throughout my soul. Urgency dissipates. Peace unfolds her arms ~ endlessly.



Peering from the mountain's ridge, my gaze falls upon the exquisite rolling moorlands. A sensuous muted blanket of purple heather spreads lavishly - as far as my eyes can see. Delicate aromas drift through the atmosphere. Perfumed air envelopes my senses. Joy attends my heart.

Suddenly ~ Zzzzzzzz.............

Meadows: a pastel plantation for the pollen pouches of winged creatures.

Morning Dew

A fusion of elements:
Cold and heat, dark and light.
Gossamer tendrils, shimmer bright
Diffusing gently
Wispy droplets crystalize
Morning's first bath...
Formed deep in the ground,
Yet floats
Synergistically -
From heaven to earth.