Hope is active, like faith. It is substantive: a force steeped in expectancy.

You don't sit in your rocker hoping for hope. You dig your knuckles into it. You soar to find it. With determination, you persevere in securing it. The longer you persist the stronger and more courageous you become.

Hope is the place upon which the visible realm hinges. Hope is an expectation. The more you have the more you get. The increased manifestation deepens your confidence.

Hope is not obscure, it is concrete. Hope is simple. It lays bare - waiting your discovery.

Hope encounters things you can touch and feel. Hope is void of mistrust. Hope exempts us from despair and anchors us.

Hope is not built on daydreams and empty promises. Hope is built on the reassuring atmosphere of love.

© Silent Mornings


A Place Called Wonder

Children have a remarkably insatiable appetite for asking questions. Somewhere on the journey from childhood to adulthood, many children forget to ask questions and settle only for answers. Curiosity does not require brilliance or a high IQ - merely a nimble mind with a desire to inquire... to reflect... to imagine that certain secrets and mysteries remain locked and that they are worthy of exploration. At first, we may look from a distance, but it is important that we look... that we never stop looking.

© Silent Mornings