A Tale of Two Cities: A Calendar Speaks

Like Echoes:

At first, a whisper - then a thunderous sound;
It seems to me, I'm breaking new ground.

Absorbed in my doings, new ventures unfold.
Destiny awaits, fresh chapters will be told.

Like Fireflies:

Illuminating a heart, that once, was weary;
Harboring days - some quite dreary

Weights that were searing,
Seem now, to be steering.

What fabric was woven into those connections?
What structures formed, merging reflections?

Like Dandelions:

While seeds may have blown, revived ones will be sown.

Steady, anchored, my face tipped toward the sun
The wind in my path, new pastures: how fun!

Further ground to plow, things God will allow.
Skyscrapers no more -- the desert, my floor.

Like Moving:

The journey ongoing, I'm ready for more;
In fact... I'm so close, that I'm about out the door.

Ride on, I say. Ride on.

© Silent Mornings


Maria said...

tears and joy mix into a swirl of gratitude! i love you so much momma and thank you for this gift. it is truly remarkable, your brilliance and depth and the magnitude of your love towards me. like i said - tears and joy collide...

WLS said...

Wow. So beautiful, Miss Liza. Words actually escape me. Your love for you daughter - wow. Sorry. Wow is about all you're gettin' from me.

Oh... and her response to you. Wow.

Things evoked in me... sigh.

You are loved.

Fade to Black said...

Mia, the collection of thoughts that ruminate in my mind - your passage over the past few years can not be properly encapsulated in one short verse (a "poem" of sorts, that breaks many rules of rhyme, iambic pentameter, blahdie, blaahdie). But, for you, it was meant as a treasured farewell to one "home" that despite it's challenges, has served you well... and the new passage that stretches before you. As your new venture begins, may it hold within, things that your mind can not yet grasp. May His plans - for good, not evil - to prosper you and give you a future and a hope, be unveiled: richly and with ease. God has dropped wisdom into you. Now is the time for it to revel in your testimony and abiding love for Him. Saddle up. Ride on, dearest daughter.