Gird up against Offense (Greek: Aproskopos)

We've all experienced it: OFFENSE. The Greek word is "aproskopos" which rather sounds like an offense to my hearing ear.

Mostly, offense charges in unannounced - ofttimes when we least expect it. Other times, we may anticipate it, but we're still caught off guard. In our shock, we strike an offensive blow because we're unprepared. Instead of adding toxicity, we could - with a measure of training - execute a defense tactic and safeguard our hearts.

In "The Good Book," I discovered a few instructions about offense. It says we're to be on the lookout for it - like a sentry - not just "react" to it like some slug, caught unawares.

When it comes - and it will - we are to take assertive action to ward off, deflect, divert, turn away, the gnarly impact of offense instead of becoming prey to more misdeeds.

By following a few simple steps (I didn't say easy), we can both avoid our own indignation and outbursts, and keep these displeasurable wounds and annoyances from ever finding a place to roost in our minds. The mind - that's where the battle is anyway, because nothing positive comes from offending the offender. That just mucks up the situation even further. Sludge creates more sludge.

When it comes to putting the plow toward purposeful purity, here are some powerful pointers:

Gird (encircle, strengthen, bolster, brace, fortify, reinforce) up the loins (generative power) of your mind, being sober (calm, collected in spirit, temperate, dispassionate, circumspect, watchful) with hope (fully trusting with joy and full confidence), to the end.

Stir up (arouse, render active) your pure mind (soul and spirit by way of thinking/feeling, desiring, discerning, understanding, reflective thought by possessing the mind Christ) having been reminded to approve (test, examine, prove, deem worthy) things that are excellent (distinguishing between good and evil, approving things that excel and surpass (go up higher); to proclaim. bear, carry out and through any place and in different directions and manners as you drive, impel, and urge on) – the surpassing excellence of Christ, that you may be found sincere (authentic, unblemished, unspoiled, above suspicion) when unfolded and examined by light) and without offence (nothing to strike against nor cause to stumble; blameless, not troubled by consciousness of sin), right up until the end.

Sounds like some good advice to me. Think I'll go tool up right now!

1 Peter 1:13, 2: 15; 2 Peter 3:1; Phil 1:10; Romans 2: 18-19, 14:13; Matthew 5:16, 13:41-43; James 1:5; Proverbs 2:1-9

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Anonymous said...

This is hard to do. When injustice comes, you want to strike back.

Doodle said...

Great post, Liza. There are some GOOD lessons here - and they're even better once LEARNED. I'm countin' on it!

Thank you, again, for sharing the things you've learned/are learning on your journey.

God bless you, my friend...