Triumph: "Umph" Added To Try.

Triumph: a good dose of "umph" added to try.

Whether you're little or whether you're big, sometimes it's that last step - the one that almost seems too difficult to take - that's the one that holds you back. You're tired. You're tired of trying.

Friends, advisers, even strangers might observe your struggle... get out their pom poms and in their best ''rah-rah'' voice, say:
"Hey, just stay in the game, you can do it... c'mon, don't stop, charge ahead."

Others, a sigh sandwiched between impatience and irritation, might yell in exasperation: "Oh my gosh... look how far you've come. Don't quit now!!"

Or, you may hear a nagging inner voice mocking: "See, I knew you'd never make it, you loser!"

Ignore all such voices. Be true to you... your strategies... your goal... . Grab yourself some more umph.

Remember how you started out? Remember that first step? It looked so big - so unconquerable. But you took it. Keep on that path of assent - the one that moves you toward... forward... onward.

Rock steady. Stay on course. Keep looking up. Persevere. You're closer than you think.

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