Through the digital age, electronic communications can dispatch a message - unbounded and unrestrained - with incredible expediency and immediacy. On your device, you can compose a note in Waukegan, Illinois, and within literal seconds, it can be opened in Sydney, Australia. Sure, it's efficient, but it can never replace the wonderful discoveries found in the old-fashioned mailbox. Whether you pull down a door or unlock a lid, finding a treasured letter from a friend, holds within it, a rich storehouse of good tidings.

While our mailboxes are often crammed with those never-ending, ever-consistent bills, stuffed between a plethora of "junk" mail - should our fingers rest upon one - even one, soft, hand-addressed linen envelope, holding within its folds, a personal message; we thrill.

Today may be the only day you have to influence destiny: yours - another's. What is the legacy you want to leave behind for a parent, a sibling, a mentor, a friend?

If you were to spend even a few moments pondering the idea, what part of destiny might you impart today? Sure, you could tap it out in an eMail; but pause, won't you, maybe five minutes, tops. Pull out a pen, an envelope, a stamp... and touch personally, intimately, and kindly –– through an encouraging word, an uplifting remark, an inspiring quote –– the heart of someone you appreciate, cherish, or adore. With practice, you might enjoy ten, fifteen, thirty minutes, or more, where you can deposit destiny into someone's life. Maybe they'll do the same for you. It might even make the world a nicer place

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