Suspended in the stillness of the hidden moments, His goodness is like shafts of light where haunting weights plummet into the abyss as pockets of calm reverence draw you upward to His presence. Plunge deep into the Rivers of God where His sustaining grace paints pictures of resilient, irrepressible, freedom - where you emerge - penetrated by love, swaddled in His goodness.

© Silent Mornings


Jacob, NYC said...

Thank you. I've had a few of those weights and have let them drag me down instead of letting them go. I think I will take a trip to the river right now. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

I can sometimes only see Him in the darkness ... the light is SO important. Love the pic of the creek too! Lovely!

Fade to Black said...

Jacob - it's been a while. Thanks for dropping by. I hope your river trip is gloriously uplifting.

Bevy - we love that creek, don't we. :o)