The word “leverage” stirs up negative feelings for me. It reminds me of when people have used their power against me and sometimes that reminds me of money and loss. But the word itself isn’t moral or immoral, good or bad.

We all experience moments when life ends up in a slump and it’s more than the normal ebb and flow. Perhaps personal relationships have been challenged; profitability in your business has spiraled downward; matters that affect you deeply have gone awry; unjustly hardships have been imposed upon you, and so on. You may continue to engage on all these fronts, but even so, everything seems to decline, awkwardly and quickly. You sigh. Is an “end in sight” you wonder?

Our human nature, being what it is, may cause you to shrug, pout, and give up. But is despair a viable option?

I live at the top of a hill and have found it difficult to ride my bike up the steep incline. It’s not just me, but about everybody – no matter their age or physical fitness. I used to criss-cross the road but a few wild drivers in the neighborhood dampened my enthusiasm for that option. Walking your bike up the hill seems a bit “retarded,” but that’s what I end up doing. Then, I heard about hybrid “power-assisted bikes” – you still pedal, but when the going gets a little tough, you kick in that boost from the bike’s onboard energy pack! Wheeee, and you’re no longer battling that steep grade but feeling like you've donned spandex with a “Tour de France” attitude taking over!

What if, we applied this same “power assist” to our frustrations. Instead of complaining, moaning, and groaning, what if we leverage life’s many rise and fall junctures?

Rising seems good when the bank account gets fatter, but not so good when the hill is steep. Falling is great fun when you’re on a water slide, but not such a happy experience when the stock market plunges. It’s really about perspective and, yes… “leveraging.”

What if, then… we used this power or ability to act and influence people, events, decisions and maximize them for good. Instead of looking at the dismal, challenging, difficult situations of life, we implement that age-old philosophy of “turning a lemon into lemonade!”

What if instead of a complaint, we complemented… instead of griping, we grappled… instead of being enervated, we’re excited. What if our “power assist” is really a “posit-assist.” The word “posit” means to place, put, set; expect, dream, consider. What if we lay down a premise that is counter to the negatives we experience?

What if we dare instead of doubt? We go instead of give up. We exceed instead of escape? What if the problems, messes, and disappointments became opportunities – ways to imagine, to obtain favor, and to do good?

What if we basked in the delight of God, Himself, and let Him take care of the schemers and the wicked devices of man? Proverbs 12:2

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Sam said...

A good reminder. Thank you. I remember Zig Ziglar used to tell people who ''poo-pooed'' motivaters and said you need them every day, just like a shower! Thanks for your inspiring and encouraging words.