Perception & Perspective

THE LENS OF THOUGHT LIFE: Large zones segmented or divided into smaller spaces. 

The mind is always imprinting... continually broadcasting... . The breadth of observations that enter our sphere coupled with our interpretation of those fields, is both incalculable and uninterrupted.

We often glimpse rather than observe and fully examine. We often interpret and report before all facts are in evidence.

When these impressions are viewed too close or too far away, perspective is skewed and we restrict options and privilege; we self-appoint boundaries, creating chaos and deprivation. Such actions often cause us to draw unfavorable conclusions to welcoming matters.

Perception and perspective change the way we view circumstances and relationships. We often assume things to be a certain way when, in fact, our theory and presumption is formed by false convictions. Every decision we make thereafter, promotes warped beliefs resulting in detours, prejudices, and ultimately, we diminish truth.

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