Bronzed Basin

Fish Lake - Rogue River National Forest

I Stand Alone

Sometimes - like this singular tree set apart in the forest - our inclination is to stand alone. Possibly we need time to step away from the crowd and the madness of life. ...time to slow down... time to listen to our inner self, and commune in Spirit, and time to simply, breathe-in quietness and peace.

At other times, we may separate out of pain and woundedness. Yet, brokenness, disconnectedness, and detachment can interrupt healing. This is why divorce is so devastating. Healing comes through relationship not apart from it.

Community, unity, reconciliation, and humility is the atmosphere in which we find wholeness - where we step into rugged, uncomfortable territory and reclaim what went missing... release judgments... find forgiveness... restore what was fragmented... and ultimately, renew our lives through fresh vision and thanksgiving.

Bright Lights

I recently attended a concert under the stars and thought about how great musical artists (when viewed on stage, under bright lights and thunderous sound effects), seem "bigger than life."

In contrast, some 2000 years ago, the "son of man" came to earth in simplicity and humility. When he returns, all nations will witness his coming in the clouds with great power and glory. The Shofar (trumpet) will sound and he will gather those who believe in Him from the four winds - from one end of heaven to the other (Mt.24). All nations and tribes will witness this event. Billions of angels will burst into the earth's atmosphere and the brightness of His being will be more awesome than any light show you've ever seen - on the earth and in the sky.

Nature's Cathedral

This bubbling stream is a natural cathedral chiseled in a rock bed worn smooth by constant pressure. It filters light through fresh streams and invades cracked spaces to bring life... much like our journey: sometimes turbulent, sometimes peaceful.

Ethereal Forest

Blackness Invaded by Light

Blind billows

Brilliant beams

Sylphlike shafts

Sun's splendor ~

© Bejeva Likean