Enthralled and ravished lest
Imprisoned by enemies.

Soul man: apprehended.

Not merely crippled - shattered - rendered useless.
Reduced to fragments, inoperative, discontinued.

Infused by whispers revealed in
Knots and yokes - unappealing things made into treasures.

Restraints: welcomed; embraced.

We bend; He mends.
He breaks, then remakes.

Ravished, consumed -
Imprisoned by the mortal ties;

Trust: conferred.

Flesh: Obliterated.
Captured; made worthy.

© Silent Mornings ~ All Rights Reserved


Paul said...

I think I get it but I'm not sure. Is it the intensity of our inner struggle and dying necessary to living?

The stuff you post is always intriguing even when it doesn't make sense.

Fade to Black said...

Paul, you get it! :)