God is not safe.
He is demanding. He probes my heart, invades my stuff, consumes it. Dead stuff seems to be his specialty.
Generally speaking, he doesn't butt in, preferring to beckon. Nevertheless, he's insistent about certain things - y'know: virtue, purity, obedience, devotion - that kinda thing.
He's big on leading. Regrettably, I'm a bit passive about following. Not always; but too often.
I wobble; he's firm. I vacillate; he changeless. I'm weak; he's fierce. I get stirred up; he's at rest.
What gives me courage to know God - causes me to yield - compels me to trust?
Love. Grace.
His grace helps me trust. His love sets me free - free to be pursued, consumed, led, strengthened, encouraged, walk rightly...

and love in return.

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Margo Carmichael said...

He's awesome, powerful, fearsome. Yet, "It's his kindness that leads us to repentance."

Fade to Black said...

Absopositutely, Margo!

Paul said...

A hit again. Your posts always make me wrestle with what's going on inside my own heart. Thank you for causing me to think.