An Extraordinary Pot

I was and am being made - wonderfully, creatively, with extraordinary magnificence by a resplendent potter.

A part of me affirms and agrees with this. However, I live in a world gone berserk, and because I make some crazy-bad choices, I have become broken and imperfect - shattered like fine pottery.

Working in the dark undercurrents of the culture around me... and within the recesses of my thought life, there is a monstrously wicked influence that purposes to destroy me and bring me to ruin. I forget that this larger-than-life creature, with a booming voice, is merely a mouse with a megaphone. Sometimes others forget this as well. In those moments, I am forgotten, like one who is dead: a broken vessel.

Thankfully, there is an even larger, larger-than-life entity that has not handed me over to this enemy. That one sets my feet in places of freedom... restores me in my grief and failing strength. Although I am seen as a reproach, I am rescued, delivered into places of refuge.

A flawless, unblemished, heavenly razzle-dazzle template is placed over every one of my enterprises, interests, missions, tasks, and transactions. This undertaking is marked by grace, crowned by mercy, and sealed by loving kindness. This is evidence that there is one who does not forsake the works of his own hand.

I am the workmanship of this one, called the Potter, who places a hand on my lump of clay. Long ago, the potter prepared amazing things that stretch before me. The Potter also placed within me, a desire to walk in the places that please and bring honor. The Potter began a good work in me and promises to complete it - right up until the fulness of time. Together, with my cooperation, the Potter is restoring, transforming, renewing and I am discerning what is good, acceptable and perfect.

(Psalm 139:14; Jeremiah 25:34; Psalm 31; 1 Peter 5:8; Psalm 138.8; Ephesians 2:10-11; Philippians 2:13, 1:6; Romans 12)

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Sandy Cathcart said...

I really like this. Thanks for sharing.

Fade to Black said...

Thanks, Sandy... I'm glad you were blessed. I took a pottery class and learned so much about being "clay in the Potter's hand."