Streams of Signifigance

Because we long to be valued and accepted, many of us look to others for affirmation and approval.

Flattery is a dry gulch. It may allure, but it is impotent. You cannot plumb it's depth to receive nourishment or be replenished.

Man may stir your passions. Man may help you paddle the streams you navigate, but no man can tap into the deep waters of significance except the one who creates the waterways.

We may sit on pleasant banks of plaudits, prestige, and prominence, spawning on feel good ladders of pedigree and power, but these are shallow pools.

Ultimately, our thirst, relevance, and contentment is only supplied by and satisfied through the stream itself - secured by the anchor upon whose waters we are shaped.

© Liza K. Christian ~ All Rights Reserved 2010

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