The Potter and The Clay

If you watch a potter working the clay on his wheel, you notice that there is no tension - the clay submits graciously to the potter's hands - the potter's direction.

A passage found in Jeremiah 18:6 arrests our thoughts as we examine how "clay in the potters hand is to be fashioned at the potter's pleasure and rendered according to his purposes.

In reading these words, we notice a spiritual corollary. God the Father is expressed as the "Potter" and we, His children, symbolize the clay. More often than not, we discover that being clay - supple and moldable - represents a challenge or two. I was thinking about how resistant I am to being clay. Perhaps it is because I want to be a finished piece of art, admired for my beauty and/or functionality. Perhaps even more disturbing (if I am honest with myself) is knowing that the Potter knows best, yet I want to be in control.

He is the Potter, I am the clay.
I want Him to mold me, but I am selfish, prideful, and arrogant.
I want to be consecrated, but without devotion.
I want to be anointed without being appointed.
I want His perfect will as long as it doesn't cost me anything.
I want His power without my surrender.
I want to be hallow without being hollowed.
I want to be filled without emptying out.
I want Him to give without taking away.
I want everything He has as long as I don't have to give up anything.
I want His grace, but I don't want His cross.

© Silent Mornings

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Well, you know I LOVE this post! I'm going to read this all week, I think.

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