Oh, My... Another Prayer Request?

At my computer, I opened three eMails. "Oh my goodness, I gasped, 'another' prayer request? ...and regarding people I don't even know."

Each week, several eMail requests land in my "in" box. They're from people I know, people I don't know, and from people I don't know - asking prayer for people they don't know. On and on it goes.

I often wonder what compels someone to send me these requests. Don't misunderstand. I love to pray... especially for reconciliation and healing (body/soul/spirit). God has called me to this; but does that mean that I pray for everyone who writes me? Am I unspiritual if I don't?

Sometimes, the expressed need will fully grip my heart. Immediately, I hit the deck. Other times, (sorrowful admission here), I think or speak out a polite (read: weak/insignificant) little prayer that goes something like this: "meet their need, Papa" or "I agree with this request - honor their faith, Lord" and then, I move on. Other times, I just click the delete button. Rare is it when I hear back if the prayers were answered. Do they still have cancer or were they healed? Did so and so die, or does s/he live to proclaim the goodness of the Lord? Is there a follow-up need?

I find this a little odd. Is it just me, or isn't the ANSWER to the prayer as or more important than the prayer request itself? (I know, I know... it's a lot to track. Phew... sure am glad God doesn't get confused.)

Today, a dear friend sent me a note saying that a forwarded prayer request she'd sent me last week actually started "circulating the world" back in 2002. She didn't even know if the need was a accurate back then.

Now, that is strange.

I scratched my head and wondered how many people stop to pray when these requests come their way. I mean, sincerely pray. Or, do they just forward. Are all of us just sitting at our computers forwarding, forwarding, forwarding.

Now that would be sorta ridiculous, wouldn't it?

Perhaps it's just my jaundiced way of thinking. Perhaps most people sincerely ask God how to pray for the need (according to His Word and will).

I must admit, however, that in my own pathetic whiny way, I've dismissed many of these requests thinking, "I don't know these people... I don't have time for this... they probably have a ton of other people praying... etc.."

Even knowing the power of agreement and our call to bear one another's burdens, my thoughts about these requests are sometimes about being bothered vs. being blessed that someone would include me in their circle, believing God would act favorably on their behalf if I added my prayer to the pot (meaning no disrespect here, of course).

While having this less than spiritual thought, it dawned on me: when I ask God to meet a need in my life (and unless my decisions haven't put me in a posture where he won't hear my prayer), GOD is always ready. His ears and eyes are attuned his children as our ears (are intended to be) attuned to his.

He doesn't have a backlog - an eMail box full of a b'zillion unread messages... . He doesn't sigh or put his hands on his hips in frustration thinking, "Her again? Can't she work some of this out on her own? Seriously, I can't be bothered by these silly issues."

On the contrary, he is my ever ready help in times of need. He invites me to come before Him - to lay my burdens at His feet - to believe He will fulfill that which concerns me according to His promises which are yes and amen!

Make my heart more tender, Papa. Like yours.

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Fade to Black said...

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Doodle said...

Wow. Love this, Miss Liza. Its a 'deep' one.... makes me think. Know that as you pray for the gazillions that you do, that YOU are DAILY being brought before Him, too.

You are loved,


Jack said...

This is honest. I too have done the same. But I do also pray fo some I don't know.