Dead or Alive?

DOA: An acronym most often used in hospital emergency rooms meaning: "dead on arrival."

Death: finality?
We are birthed in death.

Is such a statement conflict or truth?
A conundrum? A paradox?

We live to die and die to live.

The Dead Sea has an inlet but no outlet. Nothing lives in the Dead Sea. Despite the tributary that flows into it, every year a little more of it evaporates.

To produce life, passageways must be both nurtured and released.
As with us; we must both possess and lavish that which cascades into us onto another.
We must give. We must receive.

Are you? Do you? Will you?

If so...
Dead on arrival might actually be something to embrace, after all... .


Fade to Black said...

Photo Attribution: Fair Use

A.T. Murdock, Jr. said...

This is a reminder that death is swallowed in victory.