Autumn's Applause

I try not to think about raking up the leaves and what a mess the landscape is until they're bagged up - but rather... consider that every fallen leaf can whisper in my ear - not merely the greatness of Creation, but of The Creator. May this season - when the trees have their wardrobe change - bring blessing to you and your loved ones.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, I am blessed by your photography and your writing.

Fade to Black said...

Dear 家出掲示板 - Because you have come by my blog so often, there are now thousands of people praying for you. Thank you for continuing to drop by as a reminder that we need to lift you to the Throne Room - the place where your Creator will meet you and speak tenderly to your heart and release you from your pain. May your heart open itself to know Him intimately and receive His many blessings.

Fade to Black said...

家出掲示板) aka 童貞, et al - you are more the former than the latter and yes, it was God's idea. Lots of people still praying for you. Thanks for stopping by to remind all of us to do just that!

Doodle said...

Dear 家出掲示板 -

I recognize you. You are who I used to be.

Know this: there IS a God. He loves you,家出掲示板, more than you can ever even imagine. And He'll be there, as He is now, waiting for YOU.

I invite you to COME to Him. That is my prayer for you - that you will trust that feeling... that knowing deep inside of you that urges you toward Him.

I am praying for you.

Carrie said...

童貞 - or whatever your name is today, there is an army of God's kids who have been tapped to pray for you. Our friend will not allow your comments to be posted, but we all know that you are crying out for someone to take notice of you. Well, here we are. We've noticed. Now, we're praying. Praying you will come to know the One who created you and loves you, unconditionally, no matter what you've done. No sin is too big for Him to forgive. We are coming alongside you now, believing you will hear the Spirit of God speak to your heart.

Anonymous said...

Hi invisible commenter whose comments don't appear, here, but are registered in Heaven. You are loved. Despite your behavior, you are forgiven. One more wonderful than you can imagine holds out His hand of mercy and grace to you. Now. Right now. If you're reading this, hold out yours and let Him grab it and lead you to salvation.