We all begin somewhere in time.

But, perhaps we place to much emphasis on this matter called time.

Time draws from a well of memories - washing us with a landscape of colors, scents, textures, and whispers of the past. Many times, such recollections muscle their way into our lives - pretending to hold power over us to influence our present.

Will we let them?

Often we do.

Memories capture our attention. Likely, we spend too much time entertaining them - as if they were invited guests for which we dress ourselves in linen, put out fine China plates and crystal goblets.

Fixating on memories of the past - especially the sorrowful ones - is disproportionate to many other positive activities that could - would we let them - occupy our thoughts and move us into courage and peace.

Memories often tether us to our failures - our should have's, our if only's, and so forth. They sneak into the unsuspecting places of our minds and lock us into despair instead of releasing us into destiny. There is something fundamentally wrong with permitting this to continue.

We must look for the treasure in the least obvious places.

If we really understood the power of this day, this moment - time: past, present, or future - would neither alter nor diminish us. It would only enhance the memories that anchor us to legacy.

Let's take time from the place of ransom. Let's ignore its negative hold. Let's quit apologizing for what wasn't and pursue what will be.

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I like it.