Looking Over Your Shoulder

What do our actions say about us?

I recently attended the documentary film, "LORD, Save us From Your Followers."

Small theatre - perhaps some 50-60 people attended the showing I did.

The gist of the film is how the world, especially Americans, view Christians. The responses from the "unbelieving" well, let's just say: "not so pretty."

Looking at the impression our words and deeds make on the culture... on our neighbor... our spouses/children... the clerks/sales staff at the market... the guy in heavy traffic - the one your 17-year old just "flipped the bird" and who now sits 12 people down the pew from you in church... .

It's a conversation worth having, as writer/producer/director Dan Merchant might say.

Merchant doesn't give solutions, but he provokes you/me to think of some. The Q is: will we do it? Will we (who believe), change up our game plan? Even a smidge?

Here's what just one row looked like after the film concluded.

Obviously this isn't the worse thing anyone could do, but still...

Considering that a trash receptacle was less than 30' away, what impression do you think this left on the managers and the three or four teens that came in to clean up?

Do these same Christian's who randomly left their snacks strewn about - do they toss food on their floor around their dining room table?

Just askin'

Trailer: ~ It's worth a look!

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