Happy New Year 2010



May you wisely examine all that is set before you. Embrace the good stuff. Toss out that bad stuff.

May your understanding deepen for the things that matter and for those that don't - may they be easily discarded.

May your heart be warm, strong. and courageous.

May you live with gusto and zeal, and dispel indifference.

May you eat hearty - but only things that build your body... build strength... and health.

May you overflow with love toward your fellow man - especially the ones you dislike.

May you live a life of honor and leave a legacy of hope.

May you practice kindness and be tenderhearted.

May you find people in ditches, lift them out and put them on solid ground.

May you prosper in all ways - in wisdom and discernment, and in practical ways - so that you might give lavishly to those who need it, and even to those who do not.

May you seed into virtue. May your crop be outrageous.

May you be civil in all your ways; gracious and courteous to all.

May you see that when things suck, that you have the power to affect change... make things better.

May tenderness and grace occupy your mind and from it overflow (with increase) to a despairing world in need.

May you forgive early and often, including yourself.

May you be at peace with yourself, with Creator God, and with man.

May you be filled with so much goodness and kindheartedness that even you are amazed!

May you always remember that words are either life or death. May yours always produce life.

May joy flood your heart and displace sorrow and the painful wounds of the past.

May patience and peace rule your days.

May your hear clearly and act decisively.

May your knowledge be great, and your wisdom be sure.

May your friendships bring you comfort and a giggle or two. May you be a friend so that you will have many.

May the things you have not, matter not.

May the things you have, matter less.

May you share your blessings - big and small - with others, that you might bring honor to the goodness resident within you - that same goodness that longs for and hungers for a land beyond.

2009 says goodbye. Let it go. Stretch forth to the new year. 2010 will be a year to behold. We were born for a time such as this. Dream big. Anticipate beyond anything you ever expected to receive. Remember: you alone = little. Together, as living stones rightly fitted, we build... we build hope that leads to freedom that leads to victory. For freedom you have been set free.

© Liza K. Christian

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