Beliefs, essence, heart.
Connection, bonding, affinity. Three-fold cords unbroken.

Stones in the wilderness. Ethos' collide. Scourging.
A tree on a hill. Last breaths.
Love hangs there.


Tapestries tear ~ seen and unseen.
Lightening rips the cosmos. Shaking.


Synthesis emerges.
A hush falls to earth.
Fragments, fractures, brokenness ~ washed by pooling crimson stains.
The Ancient of Days spills redemption for all. Triumph.

Destiny. INRI.


Fade to Black said...

This photograph was obtained under the "free use" copyright.

Anonymous said...

Yes; and Amen.

Anonymous said...

A wonderful meditation for this Good Friday and all days. Thank you for giving expression to the inexpressable; the mystery and beauty of His Great Love so freely given for us all....

Anonymous said...

Powerful. Jack

Carrie said...

Misty Edwards. WOW! And your poetry. Oh my. Will I ever be the same?